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This wordpress theme!

This wordpress theme!

Do you like this theme? Well you can have it if you want. It is based on a javascript which layout all those boxes dynamically. Try to resize you browser window and see what happens.

The theme is not perfect and automatic translation is not supported in all places but it is pretty nice anyway. Using the default settings in the javascript you should set up the media to be at most 190, 300 and 410 pixels wide for thumbnail, medium and large (in that order of course).

If you want a post to be wider than the standard with you just add a custom field named custom-size and choose thumbnail, medium or large. Default is thumbnail.

There are two “sidebars” one at the top and one at the bottom. The widgets are placed in boxes and are positioned by the script as well.

If you modify this and make a new version of the theme – please let me know! Its fun to know what happens with things you make.

Download the theme from the attachment box on this page. It is provided under GPL license.

Note: This theme is inspired by one called grid-a-licious but since they use some kind of commercial deal around it I made my own version (without looking at their code).

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01. Comment by Jimmy Lin

I can’t download the theme file, how can I get it?

Comment posted at 17.09.2009 08:14.

02. Comment by tobias

Sorry for my late response. The problem was a typo in the link url – It should work now! I looked at (what I think is) your website. It seems like you do lots of things for companies – please respect the license under which I provide the code (GPL).

If you (or anyone else) do any changes to the theme I would like to know. Just because it is fun to see what happens to my stuff.

Comment posted at 05.01.2010 10:17.

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Resize me!

Try to resize the browser window and see what happens (I hope you see that the boxes are laid out to match the browser window width). Read about this theme here.



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